mentioned earlier a lot of users are mentioned, the biggest reason for this is the height of “safety” .Although I wrote it before, it is also what I felt actually using, and even at “Nitta Boxing Gym” which is said to be the safest boxing gym in the world , even in other winning boxing supplies I highly evaluate safety.The glove weighs normally and usually uses 14 ounces for mass boxing & sparring. However, it is a reality that performance and damage are completely different between ‘Winning company’ boasting the world’s best performance even with the same 14 ounces and 14 ounces of other companies .

For example, gloves are usually more damaged the smaller ounce numbers, but with 14 ounces of Winning Company and 16 ounces of others, 14 ounces of Winning Company has no damage. The product of “Winning company” is so safe.Although it may be lacking in persuasive power simply by saying that I’m a trainee’s best I can trust winning boxing supplies really because it is highly valued and recommended in these genuine boxing gyms

Boxing if you fight fighting

This site is a boxing introductory website for people who want to become strong in boxing and those who want to train their bodies .We have a lot of contents including practice menu · muscle training · nutrition dictionary · boxing supplies · boxing gym list by prefecture etc.

Basic posture

This page will explain the basic attitude .In addition, we will target people with right handedness, but if you are a left-handed person you can do the opposite thing at all, so there is no problem!